Module io.jstach.opt.spring

module io.jstach.opt.spring
JStachio Spring integration module: io.jstach:jstachio-spring.

This module has support for various Spring web options. Since the integrations are all in one module (jar) most of the dependencies are optional (both maven and module-info) and thus dependencies will not be pulled in transitively. Current supported Spring is version 6.

Config and template finding integration

See io.jstach.opt.spring

SpringJStachioExtension will use Spring Environment abstraction for config and template finding. You may wire in other extensions such as JMustache as well instead of relying on the ServiceLoader.

Web integration

See io.jstach.opt.spring.web

Notably JStachioHttpMessageConverter provides a unique way to do MVC in a type-safe way instead of the normal Map<String,String> model and String view way (ModelAndView). This particularly integration is not tied to the Servlet API.