Package io.jstach.jstache

package io.jstach.jstache
Compile time annotations for jstachio.

See JStache annotation for usage.

See Also:
See JStachio User Guide 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Class
    Generates a JStachio Renderer from a template and a model (the annotated class).
    Place on package to generate a TemplateProvider/JStachioTemplateFinder that will have a catalog of all public generated JStache templates in the compile time boundary that are of type JStacheType.JSTACHIO.
    Configuration flags for generating template catalogs such META-INF/services files.
    Set module or package level config for JStache annotated models that do not have the configuration explicitly set (e.g.
    Register escapers or filters.
    A sentinel null object content type marker to auto resolve the content type based on config found elsewhere.
    Compiler feature flags that are subject to change.
    Compiler flags.
    Statically registers a formatter.
    A formatter type marker to resolve the formatter based on config elsewhere.
    Statically sets allowed formatting types.
    This annotation is useful to force models and templates implement interfaces or have annotations particularly where you want all models to implement a lambda mixin interface.
    Tag a method to be used as a mustache lambda section for custom logic.
    Tag a method return type of String or parameter of String to be used as a raw unprocessed string.
    Configures how to name the generated template java code (the classes generated from JStache annotations).
    Allows you to define and remap/override partials on a model (JStache)
    Allows you to define and remap/override partials on a model.
    Configure how the paths of templates map to actual source resources.
    Tells the annotation processor what kind of code to generate namely whether to generate full fledged jstachio templates (default JStacheType.JSTACHIO) or zero dependency templates (JStacheType.STACHE).