Annotation Interface JStachePath

Configure how the paths of templates map to actual source resources. Order of path config lookup and precedence is as follows:
  1. type annotated with JStache and this annotation.
  2. enclosing class (of type annotated with JStache) with this annotation with inner to outer order.
  3. package annotated with this annotation.
  4. module annotated with this annotation.
After this lookup is done then the lookup is repeated using JStacheConfig.pathing() thus using this annotation directly on an element takes precedence over JStacheConfig.

If multiple annotations are found the first one is picked and there is no combining of settings. See JStacheConfig for general config resultion.

See Also:
  • Optional Element Summary

    Optional Elements
    Modifier and Type
    Optional Element
    Will prefix the path.
    Suffix the path.
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type
    static final String
    If a JStache path is empty and template is empty and suffix is unspecified the path will be generated from the class name and suffixed with this constant.
    static final String
    The default prefix if UNSPECIFIED.
    static final String
    The default suffix if UNSPECIFIED.
    static final String
    The value to mean the suffix and prefix is not set.