Package io.jstach.jstachio

@NonNullByDefault package io.jstach.jstachio
JStachio Core Runtime API. JStachio makes it easier to render models without direct access to the generated code.

The other interfaces and classes in this package are used by generated code that is of type JStacheType.JSTACHIO.

The notable other interfaces that this package provides are:

When a template outputs an escaped variable the callstack is as follows:
 formatter --> escaper --> appendable
When a template outputs an unescaped variable the callstack is as follows:
 formatter --> appender --> appendable
When a template outputs anything else (e.g. HTML markup) it writes directly to the appendable.
See Also:
  • Class
    A singleton like decorator for appendables that has additional methods for dealing with native types used to output variables that have been formatted.
    An Escaper is an Appender used to escape content such as HTML.
    Formats and then sends the results to the downstream appender.
    Implement to allow formatting of custom objects you want to output.
    Render models by using reflection or static catalog to lookup generated templates as well as apply filtering and fallback mechanisms.
    Output<E extends Exception>
    A low level abstraction and implementation detail analogous to Appendable and DataOutput.
    An encoded output that can be closed.
    A specialized Output designed for pre-encoded templates that have already encoded byte arrays to be used directly.
    String Builder based output.
    Renders models of type T by writing to an Appendable.
    A JStachio Template is a renderer that has template meta data.
    EXPERIMENTAL support of pre-encoded templates that have the static parts of the template already encoded into bytes.
    A Container for optional template collaborators for ease of wiring generated Templates.
    Template meta data like its location, formatters, escapers and or its contents.
    Symbols representing where the template was retrieved from.
    A template and model combined with convenience methods.