Module io.jstach.jstachio

module io.jstach.jstachio
JStachio Core Runtime API: io.jstach:jstachio.

The main entry point is JStachio which provides various reflection based lookup mechanisms of models which can be useful if you do not want direct references to generated code in your code base as well as applies runtime logic like filtering.

This module also provides runtime extension points via the ServiceLoader and the SPI of JStachioExtension.

By default JStachio generates code that needs this module however libraries that use models (classes annotated with JStache) without needing rendering do not necessarily need this module.

Also if all JStaches are configured for zero dependency mode then this module is not needed.

If your application is modular you might need to open your model packages to this module if you plan on using JStachio convenience render methods.

 opens your.package.with.models to io.jstach.jstachio;
See Also:
See JStachio User Guide 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT