Module io.jstach.opt.dropwizard.example

module io.jstach.opt.dropwizard.example
Dropwizard example app using JStachio: io.jstach:jstachio-dropwizard-example. This module is an example modularized Dropwizard application. It is not a requirement that your application be modularized to use JStachio (or Dropwizard w/ JStachio). Dropwizard is still not really designed for modularization so this module-info looks more complex than it really should. Also this application is not builtin as an Uberjar for maven central deployment reasons.

While the code is Javadoc and the source is linked (if you click on the classes the source code is shown) it might be easier to look at the source directly on github.

API Note
This module is not public API as it is just an example and thus does not follow semver policy!
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    We statically configure all annotated JStache in this package to follow the builtin dropwizard config.