Interface TemplateProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
HelloModelView, HelloModelView, MessagePageRenderer, MessagePageRenderer

public interface TemplateProvider
A ServiceLoader interface for finding Templates.

In non modular applications the Templates can be found using this interface and the ServiceLoader mechanism through the META-INF/services file as the code generator generates the services file. However in modular applications this is not possible as the implementations are described in the and the code generator does not touch that.

Regardless of modular or not the generated META-INF/services also might give hints to Graal native compilation for reflective access to the templates.

  • Method Details

    • provideTemplates

      Provides a list of instantiated renderers.
      templateConfig - template collaborators.
      a list of renderers. An empty list would mean none were found.
    • provideTemplates

      Provides templates with empty config.
      a list of templates. An empty list would mean none were fond.