Package io.jstach.jstachio

@NonNullByDefault package io.jstach.jstachio
JStachio Core Runtime API
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    Appender<A extends Appendable>
    A singleton like decorator for appendables that has additional methods for dealing with native types.
    An Escaper is an Appender used to escape content such as HTML.
    Formats and then sends the results to the downstream appender.
    Render models by using reflection to lookup generated templates as well as apply filtering and fallback mechanisms.
    Renders models of type T by writing to an Appendable.
    A JStachio Template is a renderer that has template meta data.
    A Container for optional template collaborators for ease of wiring generated Templates.
    Template meta data like its location, formatters, escapers and or its contents.
    Symbols representing where the template was retrieved from.